What’s In a Name: I thought Sabien was spelled Sabian?

10th grade Chem Lab. I’m sitting in the front row, near the door because we had to sit alphabetical. I don’t remember my lab partner’s name. I do remember Michael Wayne coming in though. There’s nothing funner than schoolin or workin with your best pal. So Ol’ MW was what the kids call a band geek. I was a drama nerd for quite a while myself. But anyway, Mikey walked into Chem wearing this Sabian shirt.


They were/are a cymbal production company (or something like that) and I guess they gave away shirts with every 3rd purchase of cymbals for your drum kit (or something like that). But he walked in, I looked at his shirt, and I thought

Hm, that’s a cool name. I’m going to use it some day.

I of course had to redefine the word (whatever it actually means) to fit within the context of my story. If homo sapien is your regular run-of-the-mill human being, then what must a homo sabien be?





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