Diversity ‘n’ Stuff: Representation in the Creator’s Realm

I wanted to fix a problem. No, that’s not true. I wanted to help fix a problem. No, that’s still not true. I wanted give myself an option. Yeah, that’s more like it. I wrote about Sabien and his world for purely selfish reasons.

If I ever find a lamp in the desert and a genie comes out, one of my wishes will be for a TARDIS. For those of you not in the know, a TARDIS is a time machine. I’ve got an ever growing list of people and places I would visit with my TARDIS.

One of those people is teenaged me.

I’d step out of my blue box and hand him a copy of Sabien’s Quest while he was waiting for the next Goosebumps or Animorphs or Jerry Spinelli title to be released. I’d pass it to him while he was leaving the library empty-handed or perusing the school book fair. I’d hand it to him, say enjoy, and then fade out.

He’d flip over Sabien and have a crush on Magnificent and anticipate Ei Lata’n.

He’d appreciate best for it introducing him to a world without limits. If you want to fly, there’re characters who can show you how. Want to be a swashbuckler? Do you like giant pets?

9780590059497He loved The Hulk, and Hulk was green. When he met Pixel from the Diadem series, he was blown away. I mean the kid was blue. What would that be like? Being green? Being blue? And if a blue person married a green person, what would their kid look like? Would he have both their powers?

So yeah, in the Creator’s Realm there are the Slagg who are shades of purple, and there are the Woodfein and Hedge who are shades of green. There are the Zoë and the Persons of Light who are pale. There are Keepers of the Nite who are dark. The [SPOILERS] are covered in green or yellow or red scales. [SPOILERS] and Kaynai are shades of yellow and brown underneath their fur. The [SPOILERS] are definitely going to be shades of blue. And what happens when you mix them up? Ei Lata’n is just a taste. Wait till you meet [SPOILER], she ‘s like a rainbow-colored arsenal.

I’ve never been comfortable with the IRL color assignments. I think it ignores the spectrum. I think having four arms is way more distinctive than being purple. Purple is everywhere. It’s in the flowers, it’s in the evening. I think since heroes and bad guys can look any-kinda-way here, they can definitely look any-kinda-way there.