Origin of a Species: I Don’t Care What You Say, Cloak & Dagger Are Awesome!

One day, one day, I’m going to raffle the original draft of Sabien’s Quest. But today, I’ll relay to you the proto-draft of Sabien and his friends.

I don’t know what Sci-Fi channel (before it was SyFy) original movie my dad was watching, but there was this place or a city where on one side it was night time and storming, and on the other side it was daytime and sunny. This became a loose filament.

Have you heard of Cloak & Dagger?

No not the old-timey way of spying, I mean the Marvel Universe heroes. Well Cloak is this guy in a cape and hood that can consume you in darkness. Dagger is this lady that can shoot lightbeams and heal people. I didn’t care about them until Maximum Carnage came out. But they were a complimentary duo and I appreciated that.

Before I wrote about Zatella running through icy rain, I typed up two paragraphs of a Cloak knock off hiding in a city on his way back from seeing (or maybe going to see) a Dagger knock off. He was sixteen, and in a cape and hood. His power was that he could meld with shadows. So as these guards were chasing him, he slipped into a shadow and they passed him by. Now this city he was running through was constantly in daylight. He had to cross over this canyon called Twilight (because the sky above was always set in twilight) back to the city he was from that was constantly in midnight. Both cities were the sole locations on a floating island that always followed the “dateline”, or whatever you call the line between day and night on a planet.ULTSM2011023021_col

So anyway Cloak-knockoff was in love with Dagger-knockoff. Because the city she lived in was called Light, she was a Denizen of Light. Because he was from a city called Night, he was a Denizen of Night. Now my immediate problem was figuring out how he could defend himself when he was spotted by guards and couldn’t find a shadow.

Well wouldn’t it be cool if he could shoot dark rays? And maybe the dark rays were sort of life leeching. But then what would be the limit to his power? Why didn’t he shut shoot endless dark at the guards and never hide. Well maybe he can only shoot it once from each hand because has these things on his palm that he can shoot off that leech life. Their black patches that contain dark energy. And why is he easy to spot in Light? Because of the cape? Well maybe the Light people are all glowey like angels, and he’s this demon looking guy. And ooh wouldn’t it be cool if Dagger-knockoff looked like an angel and her wings could absorb daylight? Then maybe she could shoot it out of her hands or her wings or eyeballs or something.

See where I’m going with this?

So the Denizens of Light, became Persons of Light. Denizens of Night, instead controlled a thing called nite and thus became Keepers of the Nite. That’s also why Zatella has a cloak at the beginning of the story.

Now, what happened to that floating island idea? I couldn’t have possibly kept that in the story. Could I…?




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