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“I admire the way Shomari weaves this fantasy story with Christianity…Shomari’s prose is excellent and clear with no redundancy. The setting is faultless and the action scenes are good.”

Reader’s Favorite

“Good start to a series that can only get better….Black writes fantasy in a way that will delight young readers. If Black aspires to Tolkien and Lewis he is well on his way to hitting the mark.”

-Tammy Dewhirst,  RabidReaders.com

“Sabien’s Quest is the kind of story that makes young readers reluctant to put the book down. Even as an adult I found myself sucked in and wanting more of the adventure…”

My Best Friend’s Mom


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  • Sabien’s Quest: The Light (Book One) – Available NOW! from Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • Sabien’s Quest: The Light (Book Two) – Winter 2014
  • Sabien’s Quest: The Light (Book Three) – Winter 2015

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“Representation is a big deal to me. I wanted to write a fantasy story for every kid. I never looked like the Pevensies or Harry Potter. I look like one of the Huxtables. My Fellowship of friends was pretty mixed-up looking. That’s why I wrote about Sabien and Ska. I had two big sisters growing up. They looked out for me. I want girls to know that action and adventure aren’t just for boys. That’s why I wrote about Ei Lata’n. And princesses don’t have to sit and wait in a tower. That’s why I wrote Magnificent. I want every kid in this world, boy or girl, to know that there’s a fantasy world out there where they can exist, too.” – Shomari Black, author of Sabien’s Quest

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~Fin~ (but in Italics)

Questors, Guess what. Draft One of Sabien’s Quest: The Light, vol. 2 is complete! Isn’t that wonderful? I want to finish Draft One of vol. 3 (the end) before I get too deep into editing, but we’ll see what happens. Sincerely, Shomari

Meet the Author

Hey Questors,   Meet the Author of Sabien’s Quest:   Sincerely, Shomari

Trust Me, I’m the Author

Hey Questors, My apologies for not being around more. I’m currently working through the 1st draft revision of Sabien’s Quest: The Light, vol. 2. As a way of saying thanks for being patient, have a discounted purchase on me. From now until when I say so, you can order your paperback copy of Sabien’s Quest:… Read more »