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“I admire the way Shomari weaves this fantasy story with Christianity…Shomari’s prose is excellent and clear with no redundancy. The setting is faultless and the action scenes are good.”

- Reader’s Favorite

“Good start to a series that can only get better….Black writes fantasy in a way that will delight young readers. If Black aspires to Tolkien and Lewis he is well on his way to hitting the mark.”

-Tammy Dewhirst,  RabidReaders.com

“Sabien’s Quest is the kind of story that makes young readers reluctant to put the book down. Even as an adult I found myself sucked in and wanting more of the adventure…”

- My Best Friend’s Mom


SEE what’s to come:

  • Sabien’s Quest: The Light (Book One) – Available NOW! from Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • Sabien’s Quest: The Light (Book Two) – Winter 2014
  • Sabien’s Quest: The Light (Book Three) – Winter 2015

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“Representation is a big deal to me. I wanted to write a fantasy story for every kid. I never looked like the Pevensies or Harry Potter. I look like one of the Huxtables. My Fellowship of friends was pretty mixed-up looking. That’s why I wrote about Sabien and Ska. I had two big sisters growing up. They looked out for me. I want girls to know that action and adventure aren’t just for boys. That’s why I wrote about Ei Lata’n. And princesses don’t have to sit and wait in a tower. That’s why I wrote Magnificent. I want every kid in this world, boy or girl, to know that there’s a fantasy world out there where they can exist, too.” – Shomari Black, author of Sabien’s Quest

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~Fin~ (but in Italics)

Questors, Guess what. Draft One of Sabien’s Quest: The Light, vol. 2 is complete! Isn’t that wonderful? I want to finish Draft One of vol. 3 (the end) before I get too deep into editing, but we’ll see what happens. Sincerely, Shomari

Meet the Author

Hey Questors,   Meet the Author of Sabien’s Quest:   Sincerely, Shomari

Trust Me, I’m the Author

Hey Questors, My apologies for not being around more. I’m currently working through the 1st draft revision of Sabien’s Quest: The Light, vol. 2. As a way of saying thanks for being patient, have a discounted purchase on me. From now until when I say so, you can order your paperback copy of Sabien’s Quest:… Read more »