Book 1

Sabien is a monk, an orphan, and a hunchback. His dog, Rahld, follows him wherever he goes, even though Rahld is too big to fit indoors. When Sabien is forced to leave the village monastery, Rahld follows. And when Sabien engages in hand-to-hand combat with a nine-foot tall demon made of brimstone, Rahld helps.

Home is beyond reach for Sabien until he obtains the Light, a task made impossible because no one knows what the Light is: not the renegade princess Magnificent, not the wise-mouth assassin Ei Lata’n, not even the werewolf Ska (and he can sniff out anything!).

However, plenty of demons know about the Light, and they know about Sabien. They know he isn’t actually an orphan or a hunchback. They know Rahld isn’t a dog. Queen Karina suspects he may be more than a monk, and the Guardians that watch from Above know he is.

A thousand years in the making, Armageddon is nigh. The key to Sabien’s return home fits in the broken lock holding the demons Beneath. He has his faith, he has his friends, and he has his dog. If only he had a clue…

Sabien’s Quest: The Light reminds us why the book is always better than the movie. If you like fantasy novels, read this story. If you hate fantasy novels, read this story. It’s a refreshing spin on the classic tale of a boy and his dog.

Sabiens Quest - New Final